Student Recital Reservations

Fall 2020?

We are pleased to initiate the student recital reservation process for the?Fall 2020 semester.? Students are invited to submit?requests?for preferred recital dates, times, and locations using the?Student Recital Reservation Form?below.??

For the Fall semester, student recital availability will be?available?to?required?degree recitals only.??Given the demand for space on the NEC facilities this semester, we are not able to support?optional recitals.???

If your?required?degree required recital was cancelled as part of the COVID-19 shutdown between March-May,?2019,?please contact the Scheduling Office to review options for reprogramming your recital.?

All?recitals need to conform to distancing?and duration guidelines?based on COVID-19?protocols.?


recital halls

Students may reserve the following halls for?required?degree recitals.? Halls are available on a first come, first served basis, and the Scheduling Office will work to reserve your preferred space.?

  • Brown Hall?

  • Williams Hall?

  • Burnes Hall?

  • Pierce Hall?

  • Keller Room

  • Eben Jordan?


hall availability and schedule preference

Due to availability of halls on campus this semester, we strongly urge you to consider weekend dates,?as well?a variety of?recital times.? The Scheduling Office will work with you to reserve your preferred date and time.?

Halls listed above will be available for the following time slots:?

  • 12:00pm-2:00pm?

  • 4:00pm-6:00pm?

  • 8:00pm-10:00pm?

Other times?will be considered at the discretion of the Scheduling Office, and as hall?availability?permits.?

All recitals must be completed prior to the Thanksgiving Break.??If you are unable to complete your recital during this time, please plan to defer your recital until the spring semester.?


health and safety requirements

All recitals must adhere to COVID-19 standards for social distancing, instrument designation,?playing?duration, and venue.?Please consider the details below as you plan your recital program and timeframe, and as you consider your venue needs.?

All students are entitled to 60-90?minutes of recital playing time, using the following criteria for programmatic scheduling?based on group designation:?

  • ?Group 1, strings/piano/percussion/harp/guitar (non-aerosol)???

    • With or without?accompaniment:?90?minutes of playing time?total?
    • Mandatory?30-minute?break after 60 minutes of playing?
    • Example 1:?60 minutes performing,?30-minute?break, 30 minutes performing?
    • Example 2:?30 minutes performing,?30-minute?break, 60 minutes performing?
    • Reservation?duration:?120?minutes of hall time?
  • Group 2, winds/brass/voice (aerosol)?

    • With or without?accompaniment: 60 minutes of playing time?total?
    • Mandatory?60-minute?break after 30 minutes of playing?
    • Example:?30 minutes performing, 60 minutes break, 30 minutes performing?
    • Reservation duration: 120 minutes of hall time?
    • Where possible, the Scheduling Office will suggest options for splitting your recital into two venues to promote?performance?continuity?and reduce the need for a?60-minute?break.??In these cases, reservation times?will be customized per hall and per program.?
    • Accompanied vs. unaccompanied; the Scheduling Office will work with you to structure your reservation to accommodate your preferred programming.? Please note that total ensemble size for student recitals is limited to 8 persons maximum (including the soloist.)?
    • CI Majors performing live must meet all protocols as mentioned above.? Students should consult with CI Department chairs to discuss alternative recital options (live-streaming, pre-recorded, etc.)?


audio recording/livestreaming capabilities

Recording and Performance Technology Services (RPTS) are available?to provide audio/visual services?for all required?student recitals. This includes services for?audio?recording and livestreaming. Students may also make use of self-service recording and livestreaming equipment in all halls.

Alternatively, students may use their own equipment, or bring in an outside engineer to record.?All outside persons must have tested negative for COVID-19 prior to being permitted on campus,?and all extra persons count toward total audience?allowances, as described below.?

Please contact RPTS directly ( for all questions regarding recital audio/visual services, fees, and scheduling.?


dress rehearsals

?Dress rehearsals in the reserved recital venue will be limited to 60 minutes maximum (with appropriate breaks for Group 2 designations.)??Dress rehearsals will be scheduled after confirmation of an approved recital date.?


reservation requirements

Please complete?the?Student Recital Reservation Form?below?to make a formal recital request and reservation. The Scheduling Office will?contact?you?by email?to confirm availability and plan next steps, including dress rehearsal dates and times,?and?potential?production needs.?

A student?recital?request is not final until receipt?confirmation from the Scheduling Office.?


rescheduling, cancellations, and postponements

Any recital that is rescheduled, cancelled,?or postponed?within?48?hours?of?the Scheduling Office?confirming a?recital date?will result in a fine of $75.???


deadline for recital requests

Due to the shortened timeline for fall events on campus, we ask that you submit your recital request no later than?Tuesday, October 13.???

Thank you for your patience and flexibility?regarding?the challenges placed on the student recital program and process for the current semester.? We look forward to working with you to provide the best possible experience.?


Student recital reservation form

Click the link below to submit your student recital reservation form. Please review all details above before submitting your form.

Submit a Student Recital Reservation?