Graduate Languages

NEC offers?beginning and intermediate?foreign language study at the graduate level in French, German, and Italian.?

Modern Languages are an integral?part of?many?graduate?programs?at NEC:?

  • MM students:?Foreign language study is?required?for students pursuing degrees?in Vocal Performance, Vocal Pedagogy, Collaborative Piano, Choral Conducting, and Orchestral Conducting, and is strongly recommended as an elective for other majors, such as Strings.?**??

  • DMA students: Language classes?may be used?to meet the language proficiency requirement?in lieu of the required exam.?

**Placement Testing:?Students who have previously studied these languages may seek exemption from some or?all of?these requirements; placement and exemption?are?determined in consultation with language instructors and student advisors.??

Language?study at the graduate level goes beyond an introduction to a foreign language and general conversational usage and seeks to address the specific needs of musicians:?

  • Expand your?(linguistic)?repertoire:?In dialogue?with studio faculty and?other departments, we seek to?offer?students?language?tools?and broader cultural exposure?useful for?more in-depth study of their repertoire, be it libretti, poetic texts?of Lieder?or understanding?score?markings in?foreign language?scores.?

  • Become?a global musician:?NEC alumni hold positions in music all over the world, and graduate?language?study aims to?teach?students practical?language skills?for?work?and study abroad.?

Beyond the classroom, graduate students can?continue?their language study in our Foreign Language Center?through individual or small group study.??