Housing FAQ

What is my mailing address at NEC?

Mail and packages should be addressed as follows:

Student Name (First and Last)

New England Conservatory
255 St. Botolph St – Mailbox Number
Boston, MA? 02115-5018 ?

*Please note: A student's mailbox number may not be the same as their room number. If you are mailing an item to a student, please confirm their mailbox number with them before mailing the item.

How do I get my belongings to NEC?

Many students ship their belongings to NEC before Move-In Day.?NEC’s Mail and Copy Center, Collegiate Press, can start to accept student packages beginning in mid-August. The Mail and Copy Center will be open for new students to pick up their packages on Move-In Weekend. Please check back in August?for specific information for New Student Move-In!?

Where can I pick up my mail?

Each resident is assigned?their own mailbox. Upon check-in students will receive their assigned mail box number and a mail box key. Mail boxes are located on the first floor outside the Student Housing and Activities Center (SHAC).?Most packages do not fit in students' mail boxes. Packages can be picked up Monday through Friday between 9:00am?and 5:00pm?at the Mail and Copy Center in 33 Gainsborough.

How do I check into my room?

Students can check in in the lobby of the Student Life and Performance Center at 255 St. Botolph Street, Boston, MA 02115 on Move-In Day. Upon arrival you will be greeted by Resident Assistants (RAs), Graduate Assistants (GAs), and Peer Advisor Leaders (PALs) who will assist you with?the check-in process, give you a moving bin, and help you find your room.

If you are driving to campus, you will be directed by Security outside the Student Life and Performance Center?to a temporary unloading area where PALs?will help you unload your belongings into?moving bins. There are metered parking spots on St. Botolph St. and Gainsborough St. The Gainsborough Garage is located a 2-minute walk from the Student Life and Performance Center on the corner of St. Botolph St.?and Gainsborough St. Parking is limited.?

Additional information about New and Returning Student Move-In is forthcoming!


What is the occupancy of the Residence Hall?

The Residence Hall?has 249 bed spaces for residents.?

How does the meal plan work?

The Green Room Café?is the on-campus dining hall located on the first floor of the Student Life and Performance Center.?All residents are required to have a meal plan which is included in the cost of room and board. Details about the plan can be found on the Dining page.?

What amenities does the building provide?

The Residence Hall?is made up of 7 residential floors with a lounge on each floor. Each lounge contains a couch, chairs, coffee table, cable-ready television, and a trash/recycling closet. The laundry room on the 4th floor is equipped with 8 washers and dryers that charge $3 per load and accept?quarters or Cold Cash. Residents must provide their own detergent and dryer sheets. There is a kitchen on the 4th floor with a refrigerator, microwave, sink, stove, and vending machines. Residents must provide their own kitchen equipment, which must be stored in their own residence rooms. Residents?are responsible for thoroughly cleaning up after themselves.

Are there practice rooms in the Residence Hall?

There are no practice rooms in the Residence Hall. Students can practice in their room from 10:00am?to 9:00pm?Monday through Friday and 11:00am?and 9:00pm?on Saturday and Sunday.

In January 2018, 33 Gainsborough reopened with over 80 practice rooms for students. Practice rooms are available in 33 Gainsborough and Jordan Hall from 7:00am?to 11:00pm?daily. A noise ordinance in Boston prevents NEC from having any 24-hour practice rooms on campus.?

How does laundry work in the Residence Hall?

Energy-efficient washers and dryers are available on the 4th floor of the Residence Hall. Washing and drying costs $3?per load ($1.50 to wash and $1.50 to dry). Students can use quarters or Cold Cash in the laundry room. Students should provide their own laundry detergent; detergent is not provided and is not available for purchase in the laundry.?

Is there storage available for residents?

The Residence Hall does not have additional space to store students' items. Students who have large instruments can apply for an on-campus locker if they need additional storage, however off-campus students are given priority for these spaces. Students can keep their belongings in their rooms over the winter and spring break but must move out completely at the end of the academic year.?

Is insurance for my room available?

NEC does not offer renter's insurance to students, but Residence Life does strongly recommend that students consider purchasing renter's insurance while living in the Residence Hall. NEC is not responsible for?students' personal items in the Residence Hall.?

Residence Life strongly recommends insuring your instrument, if applicable, while living in the Residence Hall. Some NEC students have used Clarion Musical Instrument Insurance in the past.

Is it possible to keep a car or bike at NEC?

There is no on-campus parking at NEC. Gainsborough Street and Saint Botolph Street are under construction during summer 2018 and offer very limited to no parking options.?Long-term parking in nearby garages is extremely expensive; therefore Residence Life strongly discourages students from bringing a car to campus.

The Student Life and Performance Center is located about a 2-minute walk from the Massachusetts Ave. station on the MBTA orange line, a 3-minute walk from the Symphony stop on the MBTA Green E line, and a 1-minute walk from bus stops for the CT1 and 1 buses. Students should check their email before the fall and spring semesters to learn more about the opportunity to purchase discounted MBTA passes.?

Bicycle racks are located outside the SLPC and Jordan Hall. Students must register their bicycles?through Building Operations and bicycle racks are used at students' own risk. Bicycle racks are not covered.?Bicycles?are not allowed in the Residence Hall.?

Is smoking allowed?

NEC is a smoke-free campus. Students, faculty, staff and guests cannot smoke, including electronic cigarettes,?on NEC property or within 25-feet of NEC property.

How is the Residence Hall staffed?

The Residence Life staff consists of?one full-time?professional Director of Residence Life and Housing?and seven?Resident Assistants (RAs), who all live in the building. At least one Residence Life staff member lives on each floor of the Residence Hall. The Student Housing and Activities Office (SHAC), located on the first floor of the Residence Hall, is staffed student workers.?Due to the current global pandemic, the SHAC is closed to all residents. Only professional and student employees conducting official Student Services business are allowed until further notice.

What is an RA?

Resident Assistants (RAs) are full-time students and paraprofessional staff who work to create a community environment in the Residence Hall through personal interaction with their peers and by sponsoring creative programs to support the philosophy and objectives of Residence Life and NEC. There is a RA on-duty daily from 8:00pm?to 8:00am?who is available to assist students with after-hours crises or emergencies. RAs participate in extensive training in August and January.?

What is the best way to introduce myself to my roommate?

New students will receive their housing assignment via email in mid/late July 2018. When students receive their room assignment it will include their roommate's email address. Students are encouraged to contact their?roommate prior to arriving on campus and start to get to know each other. Roommates are also encouraged to discuss?what they will bring?to campus before New Student Move-In.?

Sometimes students are traveling during the summer and have limited access to email so they aren't able to be in touch with their roommate before New Student Move-In. That is normal and roommates will have lots of opportunities to get to know one another once they are on campus.?

RAs will help students establish a roommate agreement?at the beginning of the fall semester. Roommate agreements encourage students to start a dialogue about living together.?

What is the guest visitation policy?

Due to the current global pandemic, all student guest visitations are suspended until further notice. Only family members assisting in any move-in and move-out processes are allowed to visit a resident and no one else.

What kind of security exists in the building?

The Residence Hall has a professional 24-hour security guard posted at the entrance of the SLPC. To enter the Residence Hall residents must show their Penguin Pass with their Residence Hall sticker. All guests and visitors must show valid, government-issued photo?identification upon entering the building. The building is equipped with smoke detectors, heat detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and a fire alarm system.

Is it possible to study in the ResHall?

Students can study in their rooms, as well as in lounges on each floor of the Residence Hall. Quiet Hours begin at 10:00pm?during the week and 11:00pm?on weekends. Residence Life staff enforce quiet hours to create an environment conducive to studying in the Residence Hall.?

The Blumenthal Family Library is also located in the SLPC on the second floor.?

Do I need to leave during breaks or can I stay in my room?

The Residence Hall is open during the fall and spring semester. During winter break?the Residence Hall is closed and residents must leave the building but can leave their belongings in their rooms.?The Residence Hall remains open Thanksgiving break, Presidents' Day break, and spring break.?At the end of spring semester?residents must move out. Rooms should be left in the condition they were in at the beginning of the year.

Can I have a pet in my room?

Pets are not allowed in the Residence Hall.?

What if I have more questions?

If you have questions, please contact the Director of Residence Life and Housing.?